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Julia, your Gothic Librarian, is a bibliophile and lover of literature. A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Julia is currently pursuing a career in the publishing industry. The only thing in her life that rivals her passion for books is her proclivity for the dark and macabre. A proud member of the gothic subculture for many years now, Julia’s journey into the dark side of literature began in the fifth grade when she picked up her very first vampire novel. This initial foray propelled her both into the modern paranormal romance genre and into classic Gothic literature. Since then she has spent her time exploring all types of literature that touch on topics beyond the veil. Now she is here to share her thoughts and recommendations with you!

If you like what you see here, you can see more of Julia’s writing on the gothic social networking site VampireFreaks. Follow along with the main VampireFreaks account for regular content and friend Julia on her personal account.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I got introduced to the Gothic subculture through literature too, I remember that when I was in sixth grade I went to my school’s library and just randomly picked up a book, it was written by Edgar Allan poe and it contain many of his short stories as well as some of his poems and I became so in love with his writing that I spent the rest of my sixth, seventh… up to now reading his works, and that’s how I discovered I was born to be a goth, so that’s why literature is so special to me and I really like your recommendations on several books, thanks Julia <3

    1. That’s awesome, Sofia! I also discovered Edgar Allan Poe some time in middle school, and his works have had a huge influence on me. My favorite pieces are Annabel Lee and The Tell-Tale Heart.
      I hope this site helps you discover even more great literature!

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