Sneak Peek at The Saga of Pandora Zwieback

So, as you may have seen me mention on twitter, I attended the Brooklyn Book Festival last weekend. It was my first time attending this event, and even though I went all by myself, I had a ton of fun! Not only did I pick up a bunch of new books to add to my immense to-read list, I also got to meet some really cool people—like the representatives of the delightfully goth-y publishing house StarWarp Concepts.

StarWarp Concepts booth

Steven A. Roman, publisher and writer at SWC, directed me to his new dark urban fantasy series, The Saga of Pandora Zwieback. Are you a fan of vampires, werewolves, demons, goblins and other creepy creatures? Do you like reading about teenage goth girls kicking some monster butt? If this description intrigues you, but you’re still not sure you want to commit yourself to a new series—not to worry!  You can check out a sneak peak of Pandora’s story and see how you like it. Just head on over to and click the link on the sidebar to download a free introductory comic!

Pandora Zweiback 1 cover
First book in The Saga of Padora Zwieback series

The comic, titled “Welcome to Gothopolis,” features Pandora Zwieback introducing the reader to her monster-infested town and the basic premise of her story. Pan is a sixteen year old goth chick with a sweet fashion sense and the strange ability to see the monsters hidden in the world around us. Pan then introduces us to her friend, Annie—a shape-shifting monster-hunter with a sexy pirate queen aesthetic who has been teaching Pan the ropes. After these introductions, the comic cuts to some beautiful full-page collages of Pandora, Annie, and many of the monsters they encounter on their adventures. Pan concludes the comic with a fourth-wall-breaking plug for the books that tell the rest of her story.

In case the comic isn’t enough, the link also includes a sneak peek at the first two chapters of the first novel, Blood Feud. A prologue gives us some hints about something big going down between the forces of heaven and hell—which Pan’s friend, Annie, seems to be caught in the middle of. Then we get a glimpse of Pan in her pre-monster-fighting days, before she realizes the true significance of her monster-seeing gift.

Be sure to check out the comic, and if you like what you see, you can find the first two novels—Blood Feud and Blood Reign—on sale from a number of online retailers, or buy it directly from the StarWarp Concepts’ website.

Also, stay tuned for more from me about Starwarp Concepts! Not only do they do awesome comics and originals novels, but they also publish illustrated editions of some spooky classics. At the book festival, I picked up a copy Carmilla with illustrations by the same artist from the Pandora Zwieback comic, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!

Let me know what you think of The Saga of Pandora Zwieback in the comments! And if you’re already familiar with StarWarp Concepts, recommend some of your favorites to me. I always love discovering new sources of gothic literature!

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    1. Picked it up for five bucks and the festival–it is gorgeous! Planning on jointly reading it and finishing the Carmilla youtube series. Will definitely do a post on both of those when I finish!

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